Auto-Clean Series

Equipped with the latest Titanium Dioxide photo-catalytic technology that destroys and stops the growth of bacteria, and deodorizes the kitchen, minimizing the harmful impact on your family.

  • Ti02 bacteria-killing and deodorizing function
  • Nanotechnology plus PASĀ®, unique design of Air Flow Deflector collects
  • grease and smoke from all angles efficiently
  • one touch Auto-Clean, U.Q.M. / 3 speed
  • Euro-Styling finish, inimitable electronic button control with digital display
  • S-shape venting system generates superior extraction power
  • Cleaning alert, delay-off
  • upgraded 2 halogen lights, dual level lighting
DIMENSIONS 8"x22"x29.75"
DUCTING 6" round vertical
AIR FLOW up to 780 cfm
FINISH White / Black / Stainless Steel
SIZE 30", 36"

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Ti02 Bacteria-killing

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Electronic button control with digital display

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